Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Amy is my name...

Just a few things about me:
-I am a major bookworm. Is there anyone else that can get so involved in a book that he/she refuses to put it down, and when he/she finally finishes it, he/she goes through a period of depression where the book is all he/she thinks about? (I told you!)
-I have a particular addiction to peanut butter fudge where I gain at least 10 pounds whenever I can get my hands on some.
-I love Jane Austen and will read and/or watch any of her works.
-You can usually find me listening to music of all different kinds. You may also be unfortunate enough to find me singing along.
-I wish I was Sleeping Beauty.
-I love to look for rainbows (whenever there is rain) in my spare time.


Lisa said...

You are too cute Amy! I totally agree with you about reading books. My poor kids - they get no attention when I read. It's terrible. How dare they interrupt me when I'm reading - sheesh - can't they get their own food yet?!?

Have fun at school. I went to BYU-I too and loved it. Enjoy! Where are you living?

Lisa said...

I'm so glad you are loving BYU-I. I lived in Heritage Manor.

As far as books I like to read, ummm, suspense, a good love story, fun books - Harry Potter, Twilight, etc. I'll read most things people suggest. Sadly, I don't get a chance to read much though - kids think they need attention!

Mieka said...

I love to read too! I hate it when the book ends- I seriously feel like I've lost friends. Which is why I read the same books over and over...

I'm glad you're having fun at school, and that there are nice guys there.